The first Manchego Cheese Museum in the world presents an original tour supported by pictures, audiovisuals and tools that highlight not only the importance of the transhumance in our village, but also the process of Manchego Cheese elaboration and its features.

Its different rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, wine cellars, stables, storage rooms, kitchen and walking areas, make this Museum different.

This Museum is organized in several rooms around the farmyard. The room called “Manzanares shepherds´ land” shows the strategic importance of Manzanares as a crossroad of paths and livestock trails, destined to transhumance of merino sheep, which was an economic source in the past.

The room “Past, present and future” presents the process of making Manchego cheese and its evolution.

An ancient “jaraíz” of the house has been turned into the Tasting, to learn how to identify and taste Manchego Cheese with D.O.


The Museum has as well a multi-purpose room and a gift shop where you can buy manchego cheese with designation of origin, local white wine and souvenirs.